Nyein Chan

Nyein Chan

Volunteer Spotlight

Nyein Chan is a local leader in the community who came to Fort Wayne as a refugee from Burma. Nyein was resettled to the U.S. through Catholic Charities. Wanting to support the organization while aiding other refugees like himself, Nyein decided to embark on a career with Catholic Charities. He started as a volunteer and worked his way up to becoming the Director of Resettlement Services, helping refugees with successful integration in their new country. He truly enjoys his work seeing the refugees grow over time and become accustomed to their new country. When he’s not working, Chan spends time with his wife and their eleven-year-old daughter as well as volunteering in the community.

Nyein has been serving with United Way of Allen County since July 2020. He initially started on the Finance Committee, and he currently sits on the Advocacy Committee. He is inspired by the work that United Way of Allen County does through its concern for the well-being of the people in our community. Nyein believes that United Way is more than an organization, it is a community of people brought together to make Allen County a better place to live.

According to Nyein, people tend to think he looks angry or displeased at first, but anyone who meets him quickly finds him to be kind and armed with a great sense of humor. He loves being part of the Fort Wayne community and is committed to the very important work of refugee resettlement. We believe he is a great asset and role model to not only the refugee community of Fort Wayne but the larger community as well.

Nyein hopes that Allen County will continue to grow into becoming a welcoming place that embraces diversity. He hopes that every child will feel respected no matter who they are and where they are from. Nyein says, “We are all learning. There is still much to be done, but the more nonprofits can connect under the same cause, we will be able to accomplish great things.”

Thank you, Nyein, for your commitment to the refugee community here and to the larger Fort Wayne community.

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