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We'll keep you updated with a range of volunteer events and campaigns all through the year. Join us as we work to create access and opportunities for our community to flourish.

United Way of Allen County believes that part of Living United means giving back to our community.

A tangible way to make a positive change in Allen County is through volunteering. Through our strategic volunteer opportunities portal, you provide more information about you like what your skills are, how much time you have to give, and let us know a few companies that you have an affinity to and we provide you matches with opportunities to serve.

If you have volunteer opportunities you want to post on Volunteer Hub, please contact


United Way of Allen County Day of Caring

Day of Caring

United Way of Allen County’s most significant volunteer event is known as Day of Caring. Traditionally, well over 1,500 participants join forces for one day to help 50+ local agencies with a wide-range of projects.


Food Drive

United Way of Allen County organizes an annual Food Drive in February that serves local food bank organizations by collecting non-perishable food items. Your team will place a food collection bin in your office for one week and then the items will be delivered to a local food bank.


Kindergarten Countdown

Kindergarten Countdown

The Kindergarten Countdown program was developed to help families better navigate and prepare for the crucial transition into kindergarten while helping students be better prepared for school. It consists of 20 students per classroom with four weeks of high-quality instruction using a very hands-on, exploratory approach to learning. The program focuses on the practice of essential academic and social development skills that are fundamental to a child’s ability to learn. Your team can donate backpacks filled with school supplies for kids to take home at the end of the program.

Volunteer Curb Painting

Agency Volunteer Events

Local agencies would love your help. If your team can plant flowers, paint walls, swing hammers, or provide a variety of any other skills, then United Way can provide logistics and coordination with the agency.


SVE Kit Build Photo

Kit Builds

Your organization provides funds for items, packages kits, and provides a personal message from employees packaging the kit. United Way will bring the items you have funded, ensure the kits are branded with your company logo, and deliver them to the area most in need within Allen County. Kits include emergency meals, cold weather, literary, baby, and hygiene.


UWAC Volunteering

Ready to be a hand raiser?

Need help coordinating a volunteer opportunity for your organization?

There are many volunteer opportunities in Allen County. Take your team outside company walls through out-of-office volunteer events. We can work with you to develop volunteer projects that meet the skill set of your team. United Way can coordinate with local nonprofits in the community and provide a hands-on opportunity for your organization. To organize a volunteer event with a nonprofit, it requires a minimum of 6 weeks to plan. If you are interested, please contact Ta Gay Htoo at