Educational Opportunities

United Way of Allen County prioritizes a holistic approach to addressing educational opportunities beginning in early childhood through post-secondary education. Education serves as a tool to break the cycle of poverty and contributes to a strong foundation for future learning, college completion rates, and employability.

High Quality Early Learning Opportunities

We are ensuring children have access to high quality childcare and early learning experiences which prepare them to enter school ready to learn. Workforce Stability: We are ensuring parents can return or stay in the workforce by expanding high-quality childcare options.

Career Readiness & Employment Success

We are providing services related to educational goal attainment, financial literacy coaching, and life skills development.

“66% of Allen County children under the age of 6 need childcare; however, Allen County only has licensed capacity to serve 44% of those children.”

Brighter Futures Indiana

Kindergarten Countdown

Kindergarten Countdown

The Kindergarten Countdown program was developed to help families better navigate and prepare for the crucial transition into kindergarten while helping students be better prepared for school. The program consists of 20 students per classroom with four weeks of high-quality instruction using a very hands-on, exploratory approach to learning.

The program focuses on the practice of essential academic and social development skills that are fundamental to a child’s ability to learn. United Way of Allen County has supported this essential program for 10 years.

Focus on 5 Allen County

Focus on Five

Allen County’s early childhood coalition is dedicated to improving and expanding the quality of early childhood care and education. United Way of Allen County is currently working with community partners to relaunch this coalition.

Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off is a new initiative of United Way of Allen County with the goal of getting more students to complete their college degree or certificate by helping eliminate some of the barrier’s students are facing. This new initiative works to break down the barriers that students are facing by connecting them with local services that help them persist and earn their college degree or certificate.

Educational Opportunities Partners