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Mental Health Access

United Way of Allen County prioritizes access to affordable, quality healthcare, and investments impacting public health, including investments in mental health. We work to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health conditions that sometimes prevent residents from seeking the help they need.

Access to Mental Health Services

We are helping address barriers for people that want access to mental health services.

“37% of those who did not seek treatment identified cost as the number one factor for not doing so.”

Mental Health Access

Mental Health Access Fund

The Mental Health Access Fund is United Way of Allen County’s initial approach to addressing mental health barriers in our community. The purpose of this fund is to help individuals improve their mental health status. The fund is intended to help address barriers within the mental health field such as transportation, offering culturally appropriate services and interpretation, and subsidizing the cost for clients so they can afford it. Priority will be given to organizations that are serving adults ages 18-34, seniors, and BIPOC individuals.

Mental Health Access Grantees

“Although about 40% of survey respondents said they felt they could benefit from seeing a mental health professional, only 35% of those respondents’ sought treatment.”

2021 United Way of Allen County Community Insights Survey