Food Drive 2022


Food Security

United Way of Allen County prioritizes financial assistance to ensure food support in times of need and access to nutritious food in every neighborhood.

Access to Food

We are increasing access to basic food needs and healthy food options. Providing more households with access to basic food needs including but not limited to seniors and people with disabilities, with the goal of providing access to healthy, culturally relevant food to those in Allen County.

“The largest cost of living increase for households in Allen County was food, which increased 45% for both families and single individuals.”

ALICE in Indiana: A Financial Hardship Study, 2020 Indiana Report

Canned Foods

Food Distribution Fund

The Food Distribution Fund is United Way of Allen County’s initial approach to tackling food insecurity in our community. The purpose of this fund is to increase the number of households that have access to basic food needs and healthy food options.

The fund is intended to help organizations that are serving seniors and people with disabilities, college students, ALICE households, or immigrants and refugees. It will also prioritize organizations that are providing healthy food, culturally relevant food, and/or collaborating with local food systems or farmers.

Food Security Grantees

“If there is anything that the last 24 months have taught me, it would be that hunger/food insecurity is just a paycheck away from affecting persons of all demographic segments of our region. We experienced a 100% increase in the number of households who use our services to get through economic uncertainty.”

Roy Nevil, Community Engagement Coordinator at Community Harvest Food Bank