Kevin Showalter

Kevin Showalter

Volunteer Spotlight

“Tell me something I can’t do, and I will show you 5 ways that I already have.”

Kevin Showalter is a 35-year-old Youth Services Coordinator at The League for the Blind & Disabled. Kevin can greatly empathize with his clients at The League as he too has a disability. When he was 14 months old, he sustained a spinal cord injury and ever since has been in a power wheelchair. In college, he studied music and while in high school, he was part of the wheelchair basketball team at Turnstone. His hobbies include gaming, watching Chicago Cubs games, and singing in the band he started named “Modern Day Nobody.” He very recently proposed to the woman of his dreams, Allisyn, and they are excitedly planning their wedding.

Kevin currently sits on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Council. It is not his first time being involved with United Way, though. His mother retired from United Way of Allen County and when Kevin was a child, he would go with her to various campaign kick-offs to tell his story and how United Way has been beneficial to his life. Kevin, to this day, is a huge advocate for United Way and says that “without United Way of Allen County and its funded agencies, I would not be where I am today.” Kevin is especially grateful that United Way partners with Turnstone, a nonprofit that services people with disabilities. He credits Turnstone with changing his life as they provided key services for him as a child, including preschool services and the first therapies he underwent.

People who know Kevin describe him as loyal, trustworthy, honest, moral, and fun. Most of all, Kevin hopes that others recognize that he is full of love as he believes that love is the most important thing in life. Kevin has a lot of faith and love for his hometown, and he hopes that Allen County will continue to flourish and that residents in need will have access to the services and accommodations that they need for a better life. He says that “United Way of Allen County is truly an amazing organization, and we need to sustain this incredible community asset if we want to see our city and county continue in an upward trajectory.”

Thank you, Kevin for your continued advocacy of the important work United Way does and for your advocacy on behalf of Allen County residents with disabilities.