2019 Workplace Campaign Awards

2019 Workplace Campaign Award Recipients


The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Large Organization recognizes Brotherhood Mutual for their dedication to educating their staff on the barriers facing ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) households in Allen County, while also recognizing their accomplishment in running a Best Practices campaign that exceeded their fundraising and participation goals.

The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Medium Organization recognizes Weigand Construction for their consistency in giving back to the community they serve, creating a culture of philanthropy. They utilized best practices that included offering a corporate match, participating in year-round engagement, and encouraging volunteerism. Weigand’s other best practices also include utilizing the expert skills of our area labor-skilled tradesmen; these individuals are reliable and believe in quality job performance and results. These best practices resulted in a significant increase in their total campaign.

The 2019 Campaign Award for Outstanding Small Organization recognizes TransWorks for their visibly supportive leadership which led to increased participation and donation value over the past year. TransWorks receives this award in recognition of its understanding of the importance of participation, support, and employee engagement. They should be recognized not only for their financial donations but for the donation of their time as well, supporting Kindergarten Countdown, Cold Weather Kit Builds, and United Way’s Emergency Relief Fund.

The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Partner Agency recognizes Community Transportation Network (CTN) for their dedication and accomplishments this year. as a long-term Funded Partner Agency of United Way of Allen County. CTN offers the resource of transportation to many neighbors in Allen County who would otherwise experience a barrier with their community from lack of transportation. In addition to exceeding their fundraising and participation goals during their campaign, CTN and its leaders are heavily involved with sharing in ways to partner and give back to the community.

The 2019 Spirit of Giving Award recognizes Hallmark Home Mortgage for exemplary leadership from CEO Deborah Sturges, who leads her employees by example as a Tocqueville donor and leader of United Way’s Tocqueville Society and Leadership Circle. HHM encourages year-round engagement through volunteerism, donating hours of time and talent through their media team by assisting United Way of Allen County with the creation of impact videos that are crucial to strong workplace campaigns and United Way’s overall mission.