The United Way staff is made up of dedicated staff members with diverse and extensive backgrounds in their fields. Each staff member can be reached either by email or by the extension number listed below
Executive Division
David Nicole, President and CEO 260.469.4022
Beth Peter, Vice President of Finance/CFO 260.469.4008
Tiffany Bailey, Vice President of Community Impact 260.469.4027
Mike Bynum, Labor and Community Services Director 260.469.4013
Sandra Cockrell, Vice President of Resource Development 260.469.4004
Susan Heidenreich, Executive Office Manager 260.469.4020
Community Investment
Tiffani Arnold, Manager of Strategic Volunteer Engagement 260.469.4012
Ruthie Hall, Education and Health Manager 260.469.4002
Barb McKee, Community Impact Operations Manager 260.469.4026
Kim Fullove, Pre-K Project Coordinator 260.469.4009
Tyson Moore, Staff Accountant 260.469.4015
Rebecca Knight, Director of Communication 260.469.4014
Cyndi Niezer, Events Manager 260.469.4005
Resource Development
Melissa Bennett, Resource Development Administrative Assistant 260.469.4006
Emily Lahr, Donor Relations & Tocqueville Manager 260.469.4001
Jenni Showalter, Senior Donor Relations Manager 260.469.4016
2-1-1 Call Center
Jaimie Ferren, Director of 2-1-1 Services 260.469.4030
Melisa Monterroso, 2-1-1 Quality Assurance Specialist 260.469.4021
Aura, I & R Specialist
Beckie, I & R Specialist
Kaylene, I & R Specialist
Maria, I & R Specialist
Megan, I & R Specialist
Veronica, I & R Specialist