Roxanna Murray

Roxanna Murray

Volunteer Spotlight

Roxanna Murray is an employee at General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly (UAW Local 2209) in the production department where she works third shift in order to be involved in other things besides the “eat/sleep/work/repeat” cycle. Roxanna has also been involved with United Way of Allen County since she moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

United Way of Allen County is important to Roxanna because the organization is always helping others. From donating blood for American Red Cross, cleaning properties for Day of Caring, installing smoke detectors in neighborhoods, serving food to the community – United Way connects you to opportunities.

Roxanna believes volunteering is an important way to grow our connections in the community because regardless of your ability (physically or financially) you can find a way to participate and contribute. One of the most influential volunteer opportunities that Roxanna participates in is United Way’s annual Day of Caring. Through this event many people in the community come together to work on many projects for a better, safer, and healthier community. First hand, you can see the needs that are unmet in our community when you lend a hand through the Day of Caring.

Roxanna sees the unmet needs in our community that are prevalent and knows there are a multitude of organizations working to meet those needs for the people of Allen County. Each of these organizations is important to Roxanna but through United Way is how she sees the biggest impact of her time and giving. When you donate to United Way, you are donating to all in your community as teams of volunteers carefully make the decision of where their money would be best allocated in the four impact areas: Childhood Success, Youth Success, Adult Success, and Safety Net Services.

There are many ways to be involved with United Way of Allen County, from volunteering on Day of Caring to attending Community Education Classes to giving, advocating, and volunteering at partner agencies. General Motors also connects Roxanna to United Way through Organized Labor, which allows her to be of service to her community and help others. Roxanna describes the value of the partnership between Organized Labor and United Way as an opportunity to serve where the members can, are needed, and sometimes are the best able. She states, “nearly every single one of us have benefited in one way or another from the agencies supported by United Way, or if not in our past, they may benefit us in our future”.

Roxanna is grateful for the Unions in this community because they are one of the reasons that Labor workers can be involved in the community and United Way. She is passionate for the future of this community and will continue to spend her time helping others through giving, advocating, and volunteering and invites others to do the same.

Thank you, Roxanna, for offering a hand up and making a difference in our community.

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