Lloyd Osborne

Lloyd Osborne

Volunteer Spotlight

Lloyd Osborne is a devoted United Way volunteer, resident of our community, and a member of Organized Labor. As a husband, father, and grandfather, it is important to him that this community is one you feel safe and happy to work, play, raise a family, and retire in. Lloyd has dedicated 35 years to the International Union of Operating Engineers, with the last 20 of those years being with I.U.O.E Local 399. As a union member, Lloyd’s passion is with this extended family where he can go to work each day and invest in the lives of others – a true blessing in his words.

Lloyd’s commitment to Allen County is evident by the amount of involvement he has had in United Way of Allen County for over 3 years now. The roles have spanned from our Board of Directors, Executive Committee member, Finance Campaign Cabinet member, and most recently served on our Volunteer team to ensure the hire of our President & CEO, Matthew Purkey. A very important piece to United Way is the partnership between the organization and Organized Labor. Lloyd has served on a team to rewrite and improve the memorandum of understanding between the Northeast Indiana AFL-CIO Labor Chapter and United Way of Allen County.

The partnership between Organized Labor and United Way of Allen County is over 50 years strong and only continues to grow as Allen County does. With nearly 1 in 4 households in Allen County working hard but struggling to survive, it is important that we stand together, UNITED. “United Way of Allen County is an organization that offers a way for the hard-working men and women of Organized Labor to give of their time, talent, and treasure to serve the community in so many different ways” explains Lloyd. As a Union member, Lloyd is passionate about the future of Allen County and ensuring lives will continue to change for the betterment of this community.

United Way of Allen County is an important leader of this community, with hopes of making a true difference in the lives of those that are above the federal poverty level but below the basic cost of living. It is important to Lloyd that our neighbors come together and help those struggling get back onto their feet so that, one day, they may too give back to their community. Lloyd states “United Way of Allen County is not just an organization you donate to – this is a life-changing organization that strategically invests money to change and better the lives of many in Allen County.”

Lloyd is a strong leader for change in his community, but he cannot stand alone. That is why he continues to hope together, United, we can ensure our community members thrive to become the best versions of themselves – with the help of United Way. If you are willing to stand up and create lasting change, join Lloyd and United Way of Allen County today.

Thank you, Lloyd, for your commitment to the partnership of Organized Labor and United Way and your dedication to the mission.

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