Danelle Hoffman

Danelle Hoffman

Volunteer Spotlight

Danelle Hoffman is an employee at General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly (UAW Local 2209) in the material department where she delivers parts to the machine line in the Body Shop.

She has served for over five years on the Community Impact Committee, helping guide United Way of Allen County’s work toward those who need it most. Danelle supports United Way because she believes that together we can make a difference and have a greater impact on our community through the programs we support and the benefits they offer our neighbors. The financial support of United Way provides opportunities for these meaningful programs to reach their full potential.

Funding decisions for United Way are 100% made by community volunteers. This year Hoffman joined the Youth Success Investment Team. What she learned in this process was how vital partnerships are to United Way. Workplace campaigns serve as a major fundraising component and through the generosity of community members, financial donations create resources for investment teams to distribute to the needs of the community, and those truly are great needs. Danelle realized through this volunteer led process the depth of this responsibility and better understands the profound importance of why giving needs to be prioritized for families that are working hard but struggling to survive.

While Danelle’s investment team focused on one of four United Way community impact areas, each impact area has a team of trained volunteers focused on specific needs. Community members participating on these teams join from all walks of life. The range of perspectives and depth of knowledge that comes to the table is what makes this process unique. The investment process is more than dividing funds and writing checks. It was strategically designed to ensure high-quality information is provided for decision making. Volunteers are given the ability to help make decisions that will bring growth and sustainability to programs in our community as we strive to make Allen County a great place to live and work.

Danelle enjoys her time as a United Way volunteer and looks forward to her continued partnership. “Being on an investment team is a worthwhile experience and rewarding, but only if you are willing to do the work, read, and put the time in. You have the actual future of so many people counting on you and it is so important”, she says.
Thank you Danelle, for raising your hand and stepping up for your community to LIVE UNITED.

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