Courtney Lewis

Courtney Lewis

Volunteer Spotlight

Courtney Lewis is an employee at General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly (UAW Local 2209) as a Replacement Operator. Courtney has been involved with United Way of Allen County for five years where she began as a volunteer for the Turnstone Picnic and five years later the picnic is still her favorite experience with United Way.
United Way of Allen County is important to Courtney because of the impact the organization has on all of Allen County. With the mindset of always helping our neighbors, Courtney fit in perfectly and enjoys being a part of something much larger – an organization that will help better all of Allen County, not just one piece of the puzzle.

Courtney has attended many events and programs through United Way but mentions a few that are close to her heart. Day of Caring has been a favorite of Courtney’s because of the amount of people that are working hard for the people of Allen County. When the day is over it is truly moving to see everyone come together and leave feeling fulfilling as they were able to use their skills to make a change for individuals and organizations in the community. Courtney also enjoys the free Community Education Classes offered to the public. Each topic covered in this program is important and valuable to the members of this community – from the presenters, to the location and selection of classes offered, any attendees will take useful information away from each session. It is a time of the year she is always excited for and hopes others see the importance as well.

Being a volunteer for many years offers you a great perspective on the hard work that individuals are doing for our community. These events and programs that are offered, they take an immense amount of work and not many people can see that when they attend but by volunteering you can see all sides. When the event day or program day comes, it is truly rewarding to see that what you have done up until this point was worth it and you have made a difference for others.

There are many ways to be involved with United Way of Allen County, one of those ways is to join one of our committees and teams. This is something Courtney also does in order to stay involved, as she has been the President of the Community Services Committee for 3 years, previously an Investment Team volunteer, and recently joined the Resource Development Committee to represent Organized Labor. As part of the Community Services Committee, Courtney has a direct tie to the Community Education Classes she expressed much gratitude for. The topics and selection are her responsibility and she appreciates the feedback of her committee members who attend these classes as well. A repeat favorite is the Money Management course and a new addition is the Parkview Greenhouse.

Courtney has worked in Organized Labor for many years now and touches on the importance of United Way as they have been a shoulder for many individuals to lean on – they are the first source of reference for individuals in Organized Labor. By being a part of United Way, she is confident that Organized Labor will have community support.

Thank you, Courtney, for impacting Allen County and making changes in our community.

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