Kokomo Tribune: Opening opportunities: On My Way Pre-K starts slow, gaining momentum

Feb 4, 2018

By Caele Pemberton

When Skeilar Havermale turned 4, her mother, Danielle Rust, began looking at preschool.

It wasn’t so much about finding someone to watch Skeilar. Rust has a younger daughter who is just 17 months old, and Rust watches them both during the day and works at night, when her husband takes care of the two young girls.

What she wanted was to provide a quality education for her daughter prior to kindergarten.

“Like most parents, I wanted her to have a good education and I wanted it to start as early as possible,” Rust said.

But when she began looking at quality preschools, she found that each one cost between $200 to $300 a month – way out of her price range. Rust makes just over minimum wage, and combined she and her husband make under $31,300 a year.

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