Victory Paw

Persistence Pays Off

Victory has an expected early graduation date of May 2024 from Purdue Fort Wayne with a major in general studies and a minor in psychology. Currently, she is a substitute teacher and plans to go into elementary education after graduation. She has always had a passion for helping people and had originally gone into the nursing field with a further interest in psychology. However, the best method to accomplish her end goal was to take smaller steps in order to get there. Therefore, she went to the general studies department where all of her credits would count towards her degree, and began to move forward.

Victory was born in Thailand and moved to Fort Wayne in 2009 as her parents fled from the war. When she first started, she didn’t know anyone. She is a first-generation student who was trying to manage school, family, and work. She had to translate for her family and help them out, especially as her grandmother was in the hospital. All of this was a testament to how capable she was as a person.

“It has always been family over everything for me, and the Persistence Pays Off program has allowed me to continue focusing on my family, while also providing me with the assistance and resources I need to continue school and pursue my degree.”

Without the Persistence Pays Off program, she wouldn’t have been able to stay focused, or even stay in school. The program has provided her with financial assistance so that she can help support her family. “It allowed me to not feel financially incomplete, taught me how to budget and how to spend wisely.”