Taiwo Oladapo

Persistence Pays Off

Taiwo, a senior at Purdue Fort Wayne, is pursuing a degree in biology with a concentration in microbiology and immunology. She hopes to continue her graduate studies at PFW and attend medical school. Taiwo has a passion for pediatrics at the moment but she is interested in seeing where medical school will take her in terms of future interest(s). Regardless, she wants to be a doctor with a Ph.D. She loves working with and interacting with children, as well as helping people.

In her free time, she loves music, specifically singing. In fact, if she wasn’t in her current educational and career path, Taiwo would be pursuing music. She used to sing in church in Indianapolis (where she is from) and participated in show choir in high school. Fashion is an additional hobby and passion that she loves to pursue, whether that is scrolling the Internet for the latest fashion trends or making sure her outfits showcase her love and knowledge of the industry.

One of the biggest impacts that has gotten her to this point is being a first-generation college student with her twin brother. “Education is the key” and a big driver for why they are in college. College was not an option for her, as her parents are from Nigeria and never had that opportunity – making it prominent for Taiwo and her brother. Although her parents wanted her to go to college, another driver for herself was that she wanted to be a doctor and do the degree that came along with that.

The greatest benefit from the Persistence Pays Off program for Taiwo has been financial assistance, as well as having someone to talk to who isn’t already in her inner circle. Getting advice from advisors who tell her something she needs to hear rather than what she wants to hear, as well as hearing about resources that she wasn’t aware of has been life-changing – especially the therapy that is provided with this program.

“As a first-generation college student, we just want to graduate. We want to do better. But we don’t really think about other factors like mental health. We are worried about tuition and working a job to pay for it. That can affect your college education. So the PPO program helps with that burden, but also helps you realize they are an arms-length away. One of the best parts is that I am not alone, and there are so many other people like me. Kudos to whoever invented the program, it was an incredible idea. You have no idea how much help and resources you are providing to us. Thank you!”