On My Way Pre-K

On My Way Pre-K Spotlight

On My Way Pre-K Spotlight

On My Way Pre-K is a state-funded project administered by the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) through the Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning (OECOSL). On My Way Pre-K Manager, Kim Fullove, states, “On My Way Pre-K successfully reaches children who are least likely to attend high-quality pre-k programs. On My Way Pre-K’s high-quality early learning experiences prepare and equip children for future school success.” With the vision of On My Way Pre-K to promote access to high-quality early childhood education for low-income families, United Way of Allen County is happy to collaborate and join together to impact our Allen County community and beyond.

Applying is simple!

Visit the website and create an account. You can apply online anytime to see if your child is eligible for free pre-kindergarten programs.

“On My Way benefits family self-sufficiency as it allows flexibility for parents to increase work hours, advance their own educational or career pursuits, and increase family income. On My Way Pre-K provides essential support to families during these uncertain times and allows children to learn, grow, and develop in a safe and healthy learning environment” explains Kim.

Early childhood education is paramount within United Way of Allen County’s vision of Childhood Success. As a community impact area, together On My Way Pre-K and United Way are working to create lasting change through innovation and strategic thinking. Investing in the next generation of game-changers is fundamental to the health and welfare of Allen County. Quality early childhood education is a crucial step in equipping young children with the tools they need to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

On My Way Pre-K is a game changer. According to Katy Bosk, mother of a child in the program, “It gave my son the chance to get ahead in his education before entering elementary. Not only getting ahead, but it gave him the tools he will need to be successful in the future. My son has grown so much in this program and that wouldn’t have been possible without his teachers Tammy and Hailee.” She adds that, “having to work and go to school myself has helped my family be at ease that Isaiah is getting full attention towards education and learning responsibility before entering kindergarten.”

“United Way has made it easier for me to manage time and money. If it weren’t for pre-k I would be struggling to find a sitter for my son as well as work even more to pay for that sitter,” Katy states. She highlights that, “It’s never too early to help your child with advantages in education. This program will make it so much easier for your child to transition to kindergarten. When your child is ahead of all the other children it will put you at ease and it will make life just that much easier.”

As Katy concluded, “happy child, happy family,” and with the collaboration of United Way of Allen County and On My Way Pre-K, we are excited to make lasting change within our community through the promotion of early childhood education to find Childhood Success.

Tammy Tucker, owner of Precious Cherubs – a family child care provider, explains that without On My Way Pre-K providers such as herself have the opportunity to provide child care to families so that their child can benefit from developmentally appropriate activities that ensure they will be prepared for school. “When you have a developmentally appropriate program these children gain so much experience when entering the next phase of their learning experience” shares Tammy. When you are a provider there are certain requirements you must meet in order to participate in the On My Way Pre-K program, however, if you meet these requirements you could just be changing a childs entire life. On My Way Pre-K helps families who otherwise cannot afford child care and by meeting those requirements you are setting a child up for a stable and successful future.

Tammy explains “United Way of Allen County is not only a nonprofit organization that can help you with resources for child care but also assists providers when they and their children’s families need other resources”. Tammy urges you to check out the requirements to become a provider that is connected through On My Way Pre-K, “we may work from our homes but we go through trainings, in-services, are on Paths to Quality and/or accredited, obtain degrees, made a career out of this field just like those in centers. Let’s show families we are just as experienced as the next and we take pride in what we can do for children and families. Become an On My Way Provider.”

~ “Children will go as far as we prepare them. It starts with opportunity.” ~

Thank you Kim Fullove, Katy Bosk, and Tammy Tucker for sharing your experiences so that others may understand the value of a resource as incredible as On My Way Pre-K!