WPTA21: Frigid temperatures create tricky situations for parents in need of child care

Feb 7, 2019

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The frigid temperatures are forcing many schools to close, leaving parents who still have to work in a tricky situation.

Many places offering after-school care are closing because of the dangerously low temperatures. Officials at United Way Allen County tell us nearly a third of Allen County families can’t afford not to go to work. So when schools and daycares close suddenly, parents must pick between putting food on the table and supervising their young ones.

“The unfortunate reality in our community is when we’re gonna have the cold snap that we got, and school is canceled, and parents are looking for solutions,” David Nicole said. “There is no place for them to go at this point in time except family and friends. That’s disappointing, but that’s the reality of our community and the reality our families are facing every day.”

Nicole says sometimes friends and family may be your only option to help watch your kids in a pinch. He’s encouraging everyone to “be a neighbor” and help another friend or family member if you can.

Officials with United Way Allen County say even though they can’t help with childcare if you are ever in need of food or clothes you can always call 211 for help.