United Way Funds 53 Programs at 31 Local Non-Profits

Every year United Way of Allen County boosts the ability of local non-profit agencies to make an impact on our community through outcome-driven funding partnerships. Right now, United Way is finishing the funding cycle that began in July of 2016. The final decisions have been made and new partnerships are being forged as we move forward into the next cycle.

Now you’ve seen the list, but may be wondering, how did we get here? How did we choose these 31 local non-profits? First, they applied for funding through a rigorous application process and passed several steps including a Letter of Intent, Standards assessment (basic things like, do they have board and up-to-date financials, etc), and submitted a comprehensive grant application. Once these applications were in hand, trained volunteers on four impact-focus teams devoted six weeks to review, discuss, and ultimately determine how to distribute the $437,500 allotted to each focus area. We are grateful for the support of the community that enables us to meet the greatest need in the community through our focused approach on the ALICE population in Allen County. A total of $1.75 million will be invested in the next three years to break down barriers the ALICE population faces every day.

The application process at United Way is open to all non-profit agencies. Bonus points were awarded to agencies that could provide high-quality programming, an ability to achieve outcomes, and a proven commitment to serve or are working to address the barriers facing the ALICE population with their requested dollars.

After the volunteer committees made their determinations, these recommendations for funding were presented to the Community Impact Committee (CIC) for approval. After the list was approved by the CIC, the entire recommendation was brought to the Board of Directors who is empowered to approve or deny the recommendation. This year, the list passed on May 9 at our Board meeting and that’s why we get to share it with you today!

Do you want to know more about this population called ALICE?
Our focus population, ALICE, was identified through the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) study, conducted in a joint effort between United Way and Rutgers University, and is defined as households that earn more than the U.S. poverty level, but less than the basic cost of living for the county they live in. We know that this is nearly 1 and 4 households in Allen County and that we must address the barriers facing this population and make a change. We started this process by listening to the community through Community Conversations. Then we moved to assessing expert-level data and knowledge to guide our vision. As we focus more resources addressing the barriers that face families working hard but struggling to survive, United Way and our partners will have a greater impact on the entire community.

Thank you for being a game-changer for our community. We need people like you to step up every day and fight for our community’s future.