Funded Partner Feature | American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana

American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana is committed to preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies, which is a much-needed resource in our community. The United Way investment team volunteers recognized the value of this organization and the impact it makes on Allen County. This led the American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana to be named one of United Way of Allen County’s Funded Partners for the 2019-2022 funding cycle. 

The American Red Cross offers many ways to stay involved. Its mission cannot be achieved without the partnership of Allen County volunteers. Community members can take advantage of the services and trainings offered. Currently American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana has volunteer needs in the following areas: teams that respond to single family house fires and Donor Ambassadors at the blood collection operations and fixed sites. It is important that the community understands the American Red Cross offers more than just blood donations or response teams for national disasters. 

The magnitude of the work at American Red Cross is much larger than you may expect. Their work spans across a multitude of areas to help Allen County residents. Whether helping a family that has lost everything, installing free smoke alarms in homes of unprotected families, or working at a blood drive – the American Red Cross impacts many in our community.  There are a variety of other services provided through American Red Cross as well. “Our programs are delivered and managed through the hands of our volunteers – 97% of the work done by Red Cross is because of volunteers giving their time freely” explains President & CEO of American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana, Katherine MacAulay. 

Collaboration is key to a successful organization and impact of a mission. The American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana is grateful to be a funded partner of United Way of Allen County. To be a United Way funded partner, an organization goes through an intense process which starts with an application, then ends after weeks of deliberation by volunteers who decide the ultimate funding decisions. When an organization is named a funded partner, it provides confidence to donors and funders that the organization has been vetted and closely analyzed by a strong community partner like United Way of Allen County. By becoming a funded partner of United Way, you join a close group of individuals/organizations that are there to collaborate.  As a funded partner, the American Red Cross advises that you take advantage of the interactive meetings with other non-profit professionals associated with United Way.

Thank you to American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana for offering a hand-up to individuals and families who don’t have the resources to bounce back after a disaster. These individuals are working hard but struggling to survive. Together, we are ensuring individuals and families are protected from the impact of economic shocks, disasters, and other crises.

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