Kindergarten Countdown

Program Outline

  • Four weeks (20 days) of high quality instruction to develop readiness skills for kindergarten in literacy, English, and social-emotional adjustment for 20 students per classroom.
  • The program will provide:
    • Licensed classroom teachers
    • Instructional assistants 
    • Learning materials
    • Health screenings
    • Breakfast & lunch
    • Bus transportation

Primary Program Components and Requirements 

The Kindergarten Countdown program was developed to help families better navigate the education system and the kindergarten registration process and help kindergarten students be better prepared for the school year.  The program consists of the following strategies:

  • Helping prepare children and their families for the transition to school.
  • Offering it to incoming kindergarteners with little to no prior pre-k experience, English language learners, and/or are identified by school staff as children who are at risk for falling behind their kindergarten classmates.  
  • Serving up to 20 children per classroom.
  • Providing practice of essential academic and social development skills so that children are ready to learn on the first day of school.  
  • Partnering with Fort Wayne Community Schools and East Allen County Schools to identify, recruit, and register at-risk children for the program.  
  • Running half-days, Monday through Friday, for four weeks in the summer.
  • Identifying children through the schools selected to participate in the program.
  • Using standard assessment tools such as Get Ready to Read to measure each child’s progress.  

Resources Required

  • $2,500 per teacher
  • $1,500 per instructional assistant
  • $500 curriculum materials 
  • $2,500 bus transportation
  • $7,000 total per classroom

In-Kind Opportunity 

  • Provide backpacks with school supplies for students.