Community Partners

United Way of Allen County takes achievement seriously. United, these champions, and partners have banned together to fight for those without homes, those working hard, but struggling to survive, and those who need a hand up, not a handout. Going above and beyond for our community makes you a game changer. It is our privilege to work, play, collaborate, and fight alongside you.

Our 2017/2018 shouts out go to...

Spirit of Giving | Fort Wayne Metals 

The Spirit of Giving Award recognizes a company that achieves advances in their workplace campaign as well as has outstanding volunteer leadership and participation in the community. 
Fort Wayne Metals was an outstanding model for a United Way of Allen County workplace campaign and a philanthropic partner in our community. Congratulations to Fort Wayne Metals for accomplishing the following:
•    Utilized all best practices 
•    Excellent support from leadership
•    Engaged coordinator 
•    Dollar-for-dollar match from the company
•    Fun incentives to encourage giving 
•    A substantial increase in employee giving (25% increase) 
•    Volunteer engagement with United Way 
•    Volunteer engagement in the community as a whole 

Outstanding Workplace Campaign (Small) | Indiana Stamp

•    Philanthropic culture across the organization
•    Great support from leadership and coordinators 
•    Continuous growth year after year 
•    Face to face asks of each employee
•    70% participation
•    Qualified for dollar-for-dollar match from Indiana United Ways
•    Utilize several best practices
•    Small but mighty

Outstanding Workplace Campaign (Medium) – Regal

•    Excellent support for management and campaign coordinators 
•    Utilize many best practices
•    Increase in employee participation by 5 percentage points, qualifying for dollar-for-dollar match from Indiana United Ways
•    Increase in employee giving by 9%. 
•    They keep it fun, having events each day of the week throughout the campaign. 
•    Formed a group of ambassadors to spread the word about United Way of Allen County and make peer-to-peer asks
•    Utilize ePledge for ease of access to give
•    Volunteerism with United Way

Outstanding Workplace Campaign (Large) – BFGoodrich/USW Local 715

•    Utilize all best practices
•    Excellent support from leadership
•    Great partnership between management and organized labor
•    Generous corporate support 
•    12% increase in employee giving
•    Opportunity to share the mission with all employees
•    Utilize incentives to keep in fun and encourage giving
•    Increase in employee participation
•    Quality peer-to-peer asks across the plant through trained ambassadors
•    Year-round volunteer engagement with United Way

Outstanding Partner Agency – Early Childhood Alliance 

•    Utilized a best practices campaign 
•    Excellent support from leadership
•    Engaged coordinator 
•    An overall increase in dollars raised over last year
•    An increase in Leadership Giving
•    A substantial increase in employee participation and giving
•    Volunteer engagement with United Way 

Steven Sykes

United Way of Allen County’s Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Steven Sykes.

Steven Sykes has been employed at Regal Beloit for over 20 years where he is currently a Senior Project Manager. He started volunteering for the United Way in 1994 after completing the Leadership Development Program sponsored by the United Way of Greater Cleveland. While living in Cleveland, Steve served on several Fund Distribution Panels for eight (8) years. After relocating to Fort Wayne in 2003, Steve resumed volunteering with the United Way of Allen County and has been a part of the investment process for the past ten (10) years. He currently serves as the Team Leader for the Early Childhood Investment Team. Steve also served as a workplace ambassador during Regal’s 2015 employee campaign.

Steve has been married to his wife, Fanchon, for 25 years. They are the parents of three daughters, Jessica (18) who will be attending IU this fall; Jacinda (16) who will be a junior at Homestead High School and Jasmine (13) who will start 8h grade at Woodside Middle School.

John Court

Each year, the Raymond Rosenberger Foundation awards a committed United Way advocate with the Monsignor Thiele award. Monsignor Charles Thiele was rector of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fort Wayne from 1905 to 1938 and was a priest in the Fort Wayne Diocese for nearly 53 years. Raymond Rosenberger and his parents were parishioners of St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

Longtime United Way volunteer John Court was awarded the Monsignor Thiele award in 2017. John Court has served on United Way’s Investment Teams, Community Impact Committee, and was recently elected to the United Way Board of Directors. John’s enduring commitment to this community and long-term advocacy earned him the 2017 Monsignor Thiele award. Thank you, John, for Living United!