Community Partners

United Way of Allen County takes achievement seriously. United, these champions, and partners have banned together to fight for those without homes, those working hard, but struggling to survive, and those who need a hand up, not a handout. Going above and beyond for our community makes you a game changer. It is our privilege to work, play, collaborate, and fight alongside you.

Our 2018/2019 shout outs go to...

Spirit of Giving | Franklin Electric

The Spirit of Giving Award recognizes a company that embodies what it means to LIVE UNITED. This company reaches new heights in their workplace campaign as well as encouraging outstanding employee engagement with United Way and the community.

Franklin Electric deservingly received our highest honor because they understand the value of having exceptional leadership support, year-round engagement for employees, participating in special events, and volunteering for Day of Caring.  These best practices resulted in an increase in their total campaign of over $30,000 as well as an increase in leadership giving and volunteer engagement.

Franklin Electric continues to encourage partnerships by challenging their employees to give generously through their workplace campaign and advocating for the people of Allen County.

Thank you, Franklin Electric, for LIVING UNITED!

Outstanding Workplace Campaign (Small) | Aqua Indiana & UWUA Local 603

The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Small Organization recognizes Aqua Indiana & UWUA Local 603 for their achievements this year. This company has a supportive leadership team that encourages their employees to participate which increased by 50% over the past year.

Aqua Indiana & UWUA Local 603 receives this award because they understand the importance of participation, support and engagement among their employees. This company was able to provide a Corporate Match in the amount of $3,177.00 and a result of a campaign increase of over $700.00 this year. Aqua Indiana & UWUA Local 603 encourages United Way to attend their staff meetings to guarantee all employees understand what their contributions mean to the community.

Thank you, Aqua Indiana & UWUA Local 603, for providing an excellent campaign in 2019 & continuing to LIVE UNITED.

Outstanding Workplace Campaign (Medium) | UPS & Teamsters Local 710

The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Medium Organization recognizes UPS & Teamsters Local 710 for their multiple successes this year. This company encourages their employees to contribute to the mission and to stay engaged with United Way year-round.

UPS & Teamsters Local 710 receives this award because they understand that participation, knowing the mission and being engaged are major parts of having a strong campaign. This company not only provides a corporate gift match, but this year increased participation and total dollars raised. UPS & Teamsters Local 710 requests presentations to leadership, to all employees and offers year-round education as well.

Thank you, UPS & Teamsters Local 710, for supporting the importance of the mission & always LIVING UNITED.

Outstanding Workplace Campaign (Large) | Do It Best Corp.

The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Large Organization recognizes Do It Best for their dedication and accomplishments this year. This company shows steady increases across dollars raised and participation this year.

Do It Best receives this award because they are devoted to the community, which shows in their involvement in United Way of Allen County. This company offers agency tours to inform the community of the resources provided in Allen County which is a great resource for educating their staff and encouraging their participation increase this year. Do It Best not only has a Day of Caring Team, but they also have volunteers that sit on the Investment Cabinet as well.

Thank you, Do It Best, for being a pillar in the community & encouraging others to also LIVE UNITED.

Outstanding Partner Agency | Martin Luther King Montessori School

The 2019 Campaign Award Recipient for Outstanding Partner Agency recognizes Martin Luther King Montessori School for their continued involvement in United Way of Allen County and the community. This school has a strong leadership support system and encourages involvement in United Way.

Martin Luther King Montessori School receives this award because of their support and efforts to follow the United Way mission. This school was able to increase their campaign this year by $1,100.00 and participate in Day of Caring as they formed a team. Martin Luther King Montessori School has an extremely supportive CEO that also serves as a member of Women United.

Thank you, Martin Luther King Montessori School, for having a strong voice in the community & encouraging all to LIVE UNITED.

Monsignor Thiele | Scott Hoffman

Each year, the Raymond Rosenberger Foundation awards a committed United Way advocate with the Monsignor Thiele award. Monsignor Charles Thiele was rector of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fort Wayne from 1905 to 1938 and was a priest in the Fort Wayne Diocese for nearly 53 years. Raymond Rosenberger and his parents were parishioners of St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

Longtime United Way volunteer Scott Hoffman was awarded the Monsignor Thiele award in 2019. Scott Hoffman has served on United Way’s Resource Development Committee, championed the Meijer campaign within his store, has conducted numerous CEO visits as a United Way ambassador and recently committeed to the Chair of the Resource Development Committee in 2020. Scott's passion for his community earned him the 2019 Monsignor Thiele award.

Thank you, Scott, for Living United!