The VISION of United Way of Allen County is ...
An Allen County where all individuals and families discover and achieve their potential.


The MISSION of United Way of Allen County is to ...
Unite our community’s time, talent, and treasure to cultivate and advance community solutions that address the most critical issues around basic needs, education, financial stability and healthy lives.


The GOALS of United Way of Allen County are to ...
1. Operational Excellence: Earn community confidence by improving operational excellence.
     a. Demonstrate community confidence by moving ‘Net Promoter’ score from six to 30 by June 30, 2018.
2. Community Impact: Mobilize the community to collaboratively move the needle on community-wide issues.
     a. Mobilize a collaborative and replicable approach to closing a communitywide condition.
     b. Establish a strategic volunteer infrastructure and mobilization plan by January 2017.
3. Resource Development: Maximize revenue to drive community impact.
     a. Increase to $7 million total annual revenue with $6 million in Resources Under Management (RUM) by June 30, 2018 (RUM is revenue used to achieve the Impact Agenda objectives.)