United Way logos are available for use by partner agencies and the media. Please use the full-color version when possible, and avoid distorting the original file. If the logos provided here do not meet your needs, please contact Kristi Crisp for additional versions. 

To download jpeg files, right click on the image and select save as. Then save the image to the appropriate file. To save eps files, left click on the link and then press the save button in the pop-up window. Then save to the appropriate file.  

Please maintain the integrity of our brand. We ask that logos not be altered or stretched. 
JPEG Version EPS Version
United Way- Full color, vertical
United Way- special use black, vertical
United Way-special use blue, vertical
United Way Funded Partner- full color, vertical

United Way- full color, horizontal

United Way- special use blue, horizontal

United Way- special use black, horizontal