United Way is asking questions about Allen County. These listening sessions are meant to collect public knowledge on what type of a community residents want to live in and the obstacles that stand in the way of that goal.

What is public knowledge?

Expert knowledge comes from expert or professional analysis. It’s based on facts and figures and is important when making evidence-based decisions. Public knowledge, on the other hand, comes only from engaging in conversation with people. When people within all areas of Allen County tell us their aspirations, concerns and how they see different facets of their community, It helps us to understand the context of people’s lives and to identify key issues of concern.

It's important for United Way to explore public knowledge so we can better serve our community. We will be releasing the findings of these conversations soon. Keep an eye out for them!

For more information on United Way's Community Conversations, contact Ruthie Hall at Ruthie.Hall@uwacin.org or call her at 260-469-4002.