Matthew Purkey

Matthew Purkey

Meet the Team

Matthew Purkey is a dedicated family man, a Veteran from the United States Marine Corps, and a Champion for United Way. During the younger years of his life becoming a Marine is exactly what he needed to gain a direction – “this is not an occupation you join, but something you become” shares Matthew. For Matthew, there are significant philosophical parallels between the military service and nonprofit leadership. You must empower your team, arming them with needed resources, and trusting them with agreed upon roles and responsibilities – this is exactly what he brings to his leadership as he serves United Way of Allen County as President & CEO.

Matthew spotted a “LIVE UNITED” t-shirt during deployment with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit to Haiti (post-earthquake 2010) and at that time the slogan was new to him, unsure of what United Way did exactly. He soon realized United Way is how he will gain the opportunity to strategically approach his community’s most pressing needs.

“I fight for those stuck in generational poverty, an increased graduation rate, those that do not know where their next meal will come from, or where they will sleep tonight. Though my uniform now looks much different, mission accomplishment is still priority” states Matthew.

Matthew began his journey with United Way as Vice President of United Way of the Greater Dayton Area, transitioning to President & CEO of United Way of Northeast Georgia, and in February 2020 President & CEO of United Way of Allen County. Clearly, this came at a time of great need – the pandemic of COVID-19 had begun shortly after he took leadership. In this time of uncertainty Matthew is promising clarity, flexibility, and transparency to not only his staff but the community as a whole. United Way of Allen County will not stop doing business because of COVID-19, instead the organization will continue to address two questions: 1. What are the most pressing needs in our community? And 2. What can WE do as United Way to solve these needs? During a time of despair, it is apparent that collaboration is key and needed with our community and agencies.

United Way has started the Emergency Relief Fund that will go directly to serve Allen County’s most pressing needs – 100% of the funds will be distributed in the most effective and efficient ways possible to make the largest and immediate impact. No administration costs or fees will be withheld.

Thank you, Matthew, for your devotion to Allen County and commitment to United Way’s mission.

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